Thursday, February 12, 2015


I'm always looking for healthy snacking options because I love eating but don't love weight gain.  I got a bag of Beanitos nacho cheese in an Influenster Refresh Voxbox, & decided to give them a try today.

The good: they're high in fiber, and made of beans.  This means they're healthier for you than the usual chip option.  There's also a slew of other things on the bag (corn-free, all natural, no trans fats, no preservatives, gluten0free, no MSG, certified kosher, vegetarian, certified low glycemic, high fiber, lightly salted, cholesterol free).  The flavor is also decent.

The bad: The texture is a little odd.  They are softer (less crunchy) than regular chips.  This also means they fall apart pretty easily.  They're also a little more bland.

The verdict?  I think I'd try them again--maybe a different flavor?  I didn't love them, but they are a healthier option and fiber is always a good thing.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

On #VSSport sports bras

Guys, I'm obsessed.  Stopped by the VS semi-annual sale & had a field day, especially on my newly found love for VS sports bras.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

VSSport Influenster VoxBox--VS Sport Bra Review

Today I was pretty excited to get my VoxBox courtesy of Influenster and Victoria's Secret because I've been seeing all the commercials for VS Sports Bras lately.

Shameless plug: view my unboxing video here!

My usual sports bras are constricting, unflattering numbers that are silly considering my small size (34B).  Why would a small chest need so much constricting?  Nevertheless, my approach to sports bras thus far has been "Whatever's cheapest, buy it."
I've been on this exercise kick lately, working out almost every day.  This is brand new to me, so I've been running out of clean gym wear quite quickly.  I was happy that this sports bra arrived when it did, because now I have a cute new bra to wear tomorrow!  I will say the color was bright & attractive right out of the box.  The photo below doesn't have any filters on it, but the lighting doesn't do it justice--the color skews more of a bright coral, almost neon shade of pink.
The bra has a racerback connection but a bra clasp, which makes the underwire cups fit better.  It was a little awkward to put on at first because the cups are softer and not as sculpted as a true underwire bra, so they flopped underneath the fabric for a bit and I had to wiggle them down to get them into place.  However, once the bra was on, it was much more flattering than my usual squish down options.

This color above is closer to reality!  One issue I have with sports bras is the lack of coverage.  Sometimes when I'm working out, I get self conscious about it looking a little too cold and being very obvious to others.  However, this sports bra has enough padding to prevent this, while still maintaining a realistic shape (see underwire and cups in first photo).  The material is also very smooth and comfortable, with the added benefits listed below on the tag:

Full Disclosure review: I do love the bra, but the price seems steep for me.  Like many other VS pieces, it seems like something I'd grab at the semi-annual sale but is generally out of my price range for daily wear.  Would I like to chuck all the rest of my sports bras and only wear these?  Of course.  They are high-quality, comfortable, and flattering.  They make me feel like a grown woman instead of a 12 year old boy.  They are well designed and worth the money, if they are in your budget.  I may try to swing by a VS and pick one up tomorrow with a gift card, but I can't see myself buying them at full price most of the time.

Note: This bra was a sample provided to me by Influenster and Victoria's Secret/VS Sport.  All opinions listed herein are my own, and they are honest.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

#RoseVoxBox #Influenster #InfluensterVox

I got a Rose VoxBox from Influenster and am super excited about the things inside!!

Kiss Gradation Polishes
I re-did my nails the day after I got the box because I was curious about trying these polishes.  The packaging recommends a three-step process, which I've documented in the photo above (top right, bottom left, then bottom right).  The only thing I didn't do was add the glitter polish (#3) to all my nails--I prefer an accent nail, so it's on my thumb.  Plus, glittery polish is such a bitch to take off.  This produced an ombre type nail and was really easy to do.  I'll definitely be using these more in combination with my other polishes (which are many).  
One week later, there is more chipping than typically present with better polishes (OPI, etc.), so I'd say it's good but not great.

BelVita Breakfast Biscuits: Cinnamon Brown Sugar
(the photo is from the BelVita website)
I ate these this morning as a pre-lunch snack.  They are appetizing and portable, but easy to break.  They came packaged in bubble wrap but one of my biscuits was a little broken.  That would be the only shortcoming for these, which seem to be marketed as a sort of breakfast on the go thing: they would definitely get crushed into 1,000 crumbs in my purse.  Anyway, they are touted to have grains and provide "nutritious, steady energy all morning."  Well, I don't know about all morning, but they are a good snack to have on hand.

Lindt Lindor Truffles
I love these things, VoxBox or not.  It was just the icing on top of the free stuff cake to get one of these truffles!  They are definitely one of the smoothest store-bought, widely available truffles and are always pretty affordable.  Yummm.

Dr. Scholl's® For Her Cozy Cushions™
Dr. Scholls Cozy Cushions
These shoe inserts are really plush and thick.  They will be perfect to put in my boots and less waterproof shoes!  It'll protect my socks from the water that seeps in the bottom when I step in particularly large puddles, and also be cushy for my long walking commutes.

Rimmel ScandalEyes Retro Glam
This mascara turned out to be pretty good.  The large brush made it easy to spread the mascara on my upper lashes, but I found it hard to use on my lower lashes because it was so unwieldy.  It was pretty long lasting and gives a decent curl, as well as adding volume.  I don't really get the whole "retro" look, because it doesn't do any of that.

The products in this VoxBox were all really good quality.  I'm happy I had the chance to try them!

Monday, November 4, 2013

On Barkbox (October)

This Barkbox was not as full as they usually are, but there are some pretty good items in here.

American Dog Toys: Fetch & Glow Ball
Arwen was excited to play with this ball, but I managed to get a photo of her with it.  It glows in the dark, which will be very useful when she is all riled up at night and I ask, "Where's your toy?  Go get your toy" so she stops jumping on me to play with her when I'm trying to sleep.

West Paw: Bumi Toy
This toy is the perfect shape for playing tug-of-war with a pup.  It's also eco-friendly (recyclable!), non-toxic, and locally made.  We don't play in the water much, but the description says it floats.

[not pictured, but it's bottom right in my top photo]
Baker's Best Autumn Harvest Goat Liver Treats
Oddly, I couldn't find out where to purchase these treats (or find a stock photo) of them online.  I let Arwen try one of these gluten-free treats made with goat liver, oat flour, pumpkin, brown rice flour, ground flaxseed, shredded carrot, dried cranberry, and blackstrap molasses (whew).  She really liked it and is jumping on me now to try and get more as I type the ingredients off the bag.

Fruitables Dog Treats
Fruitables share pack
This is an adorable idea and I love that Barkbox included these, but I didn't end up sharing these little doggie Halloween treats at all.  The better for Arwen, I suppose, as she gobbles up all the different flavors.  I like that these are all-natural and good for dogs with food sensitivities (no corn, wheat, or soy).

[not pictured, but it's the little stick in the top middle of the photo]
Etta Says Rabbit Chew
Again, not found via photo online, but Etta Says treats are usually a hit in our home.  Arwen was eagerly sniffing this rabbit chew, but like any other long-term treat, would probably be best with owner supervision.

On Barkbox (September)

This month's Barkbox seemed to be all about the long-term treats..which is FANTASTIC because we haven't been able to find anything that is good for Arwen AND lasts long enough!!

All I can say is don't make the same mistake I did and give your dog the Barkworthies tendon first.  Arwen was just nonstop chasing me around and sniffing for the treat after I took it from her.

Our Pet's IQ Treat Ball
This was the second treat I tried to give to Arwen.  She's not too interested in puzzle treats, but this one did occupy her for quite a while.  I filled it with her favorite Zuke's mini roasted chicken naturals and slid the opening into a smaller hole.  Halfway through her play session I decided to widen it because honestly, she's not one of those clever dogs who figures toys out quickly.  The write up recommends you put your dog's meal in here...maybe we'll try it this weekend to slow her down a little bit.

Superior Farms Venison Ears
We haven't had a chance to try these yet (seriously the box came in 20 minutes ago).  The write up says they are minimally processed, cleaned, rinsed, and dried (no added chemicals).  This sounds perfect!!  I do recommend supervision while dogs are chewing on things like this (e.g., rawhide).

Barkworthies Angus tendon
Arwen is fanatical about this treat now.  I pulled it away from her once I realized how long-term this treat is!  Sometimes we're entertaining guests and just want her to sit off on her own (i.e., we are eating food and she is going crazy).  This is one of those treats that would entertain her.

Wagatha's Organic Dog Biscuits
We got the Tuscan pizza flavor, and Arwen is a fan.  They smell pretty good, so the only drawback is that you shouldn't give them to your dog when you're hungry.

Vetra Care Pet Liquid Bandage
Thankfully, I haven't had the need/opportunity to use this yet, but I am happy to have a veterinary item in here to fall back on.  I know Arwen sometimes chews her foot or gets rubbed a little raw by her collar in the winter, so I'll definitely use this at those times.  

On Puppy-sitting

Some fantastic photos from our puppy sitting weekend with Lola, a full beagle.  Arwen was so excited that she could barely stay still for a photo!  They snuggled all the time.