Saturday, April 13, 2013

On Chicago Adventures

Last night we went out to a sushi dinner at Umai in the South Loop (it was delicious). On our cab ride back (and after many sake shots), we found a cab driver with an auxilary cable, allowing M to plug his smartphone in and play his favorite game: YouTube karaoke. Let me explain: if you type a song name into YouTube and then "karaoke," you can have an instrumental version of ANY song, usually with the words that some obsessive fan has timed perfectly, often with animation or at least changing photographs in the background. Anyway, he serenaded our cab driver (in a duet with his cousin) with "A Whole New World."
Then we ended up taking another cab on a failed trip to a karaoke bar. Again M sang, this time dueting to some Bob Marley...with the cab driver. This is my life.

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