Monday, August 19, 2013

On Barkbox

Last month I got a Groupon for Barkbox, which I've been dying to try but just couldn't justify the cost. This month, it finally came in! This one is mostly treats, and I appreciate the focus on gluten-free treats because I know some dogs with allergies and these make for great recs. This box included:

The green bone in the front is a pocket bone into which you can stuff treats on both ends.  It doesn't smell rubbery (PRO!), it floats, and it's dishwasher safe and recyclable.  Arwen really enjoys trying to get the treats out, though I had some issues with some treats being too small and just rolling out.  Either way, she enjoys it.

Max & Ruffy's 
These organic treats for dogs are made out of friend (non-GMO, if that's something that concerns you).  These ones are banana and coconut flavored and basically look like cookies.  They smell really good, too.  Arwen loves them, and we haven't had any stomach issues (yay!).  Plus, I stuck one in each end of the Wigzi bone and she loved trying to pull them out.

No Grainers
These small trainer treats are the perfect size to stuff into the Wigzi bone.  They sometimes roll out but mostly require licking and maneuvering to remove.  They are also grain, wheat, corn, and soy-free, so they're great if your dog has allergies.

Mr. Barksmith's
This dog smoothie was the biggest hit in this Barkbox.  I froze it and gave it to Arwen the next day; she pulled it out of her bowl and made me chase her around the house to avoid her getting it on the carpet.  She was very reluctant to give it up, too.  It's made with fruit and has chia seeds in it (it says these contribute to healthy joints and coat).  This is probably something I'd seek out for her again, because she loves frozen treats.

This flexible bowl was a hit at the dog park on Sunday!  All the dogs wanted to drink out of it.  It was convenient for me to throw into my purse and pull it out for her to drink from, and it doesn't have a weird smell like some other silicone items.  The description says it's child-friendly food-grade silicone.  It also recommends you freeze water in the bowl overnight to take to the park with you (genius).

Clear Conscience Pet
These Tender Stikz smelled pretty good and essentially look like jerky.  They are made of meat, veggies, and cheddar cheese with no synthetic ingredients or fillers.  It's so fresh that you're supposed to refrigerate them after you open them, but Arwen gobbled them all up and didn't leave any to save.

This being my first Barkbox, I was unsure whether I'd get another one, but decided to continue it for a couple more months just to see what else we'd get.  I really enjoyed it, and so did Arwen!

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