Wednesday, September 18, 2013

On Barkbox (August)

Arwen's August Barkbox did not disappoint!  This review is one month later, but I can definitely say she has used almost everything in the box and loves it.  I unfortunately had to get a new phone and can't track down the photo I took when I just unboxed it, so you'll have to make do with stuff I find online.

Aussie Naturals Floatie Dolphin
This toy is really well made, with a tennis ball, squeakers, and rope inside.  The material also feels like neoprene for dogs to play in the water with.  Arwen doesn't really go swimming at all, so this hasn't gotten too much play (plus I bought her another toy right before the Barkbox came in, so I'm rationing them).

Plato Duck Dog Treats
Having never given Arwen duck anything before, I was surprised to see how crazy she went for these.  The treats are billed to be good for dogs iwth allergies, and includes duck and brown rice.  They are easy to break up into smaller pieces but I usually give her a whole one (which she promptly eats as fast as she can).

The Honest Kitchen Ice Pups
 I made these at the end of the month and poured them into an ice cube tray.  Arwen loves when I pull one of them out for her to chew on, especially since she loves ice in the first place.  They are grain-free, salt-free powdery-type mixes that can be added to water and frozen, or blended in hot water to make a winter broth.  They smell somewhat meaty, which is likely why she loves them.

Primal Pet Liver Munchies
Arwen LOVED these liver treats.  She goes wild for them, wiggling around and jumping all over to get one.  Her tail runs at 100 mph whenever this bag opens.  I will say that the treats don't smell the best, and you're supposed to wash your hands every time you touch a treat...but they are pretty appealing to Arwen.  They are 100% turkey liver made in the U.S. (antibiotic and hormone-free), as well as grain-free, salt-free, and sugar-free.

Barkworthies Bully Flakes
Obviously Arwen loves eating, so I didn't give these to her because I didn't want to mess up a good thing (i.e., her eating habits).  I did give this bag of bully flakes (essentially bull's penis ground up into flakes) to a friend's dog who is a picky eater.  My friend reported her dog loved them and gobbled her food up, which is great considering we're dog-sitting next weekend and I don't want her to starve.  

This Barkbox was definitely worth it and I'm keeping my subscription.  I have been considering cancelling, but for the number of treats that we get and how much Arwen loves getting the package each month, it's worth my money.

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