Monday, March 18, 2013

On Escapism

Lately I've been daydreaming about getting away. It seems like this is a common feeling among Chicagoans: as the winter wanes, but we still have a few weeks of it dragging by, everyone is talking about spring road trips and cruises and general wanderlust-type subjects.

I am not immune. I still love the snow; it has not snowed nearly enough for my joyful playing in it, and I don't feel like it was a necessarily harsh winter. In fact, I'd greatly prefer 30 and snowing over 15-feels-like-negative-10-with-windchill. Either temperature, I digress.

This convenient location close enough to the east coast means flights to Europe et al. are significantly cheaper than they would be from my homestead in Southern California. It also means that we have the liberty of driving through those oft-overlooked "flyover states," exploring the middle of America and supposedly the heart of our country. It'll be interesting trying to find some places to go. A few people have made the following recommendations:

-Visit the Amish. Okay, I'll admit it. I want to visit the Amish after watching "Breaking Amish" on TLC over the summer, and subsequently developing a strong respect for their handcrafted goods. Additionally, Chicago is quite close to some larger Amish communities.

-Go to Milwaukee. I seriously don't even know if I spelled that right and my friend was trying to lure me there with sports (no, thank you), museums (getting closer), and breweries (good as well). If anyone is from there or can give more specific recs, maybe I will consider this one.

-I'd like to go back to St. Louis to spend more time at the City Museum, climbing down slides and play places.

-I still want to go to New Orleans (obviously flying), where a good friend's brother and his namesake nephew now reside.

-M (the fiance) wants to go to Green Bay. Again, no thank you. He says for the cheese, but I know it's for the Packers stadium.

Readers--any other midwest recs?

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