Tuesday, March 12, 2013

On Frivolity again (nail polish)

I'd say I do my nails once every two weeks. Lately I won't paint them all one color, and I love the simplicity of polka dots on nails. No special tool needed--just brush the regular nail polish brush on the sides of the bottle and put a single dot on your nail. Honestly, if I mess up, I try to paint over the blunder with the base color, which works 80% of the time.
When my nails chip near the tips, I just paint over that chip and it looks fine. That's how I make a manicure last (mostly because I'm lazy).
These are both OPI shades: the blue is called Russian Navy, and I got it on Amazon. The silver is called Run With It! from Sephora.
Sorry the photo is so dark!

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