Tuesday, June 10, 2014

VSSport Influenster VoxBox--VS Sport Bra Review

Today I was pretty excited to get my VoxBox courtesy of Influenster and Victoria's Secret because I've been seeing all the commercials for VS Sports Bras lately.

Shameless plug: view my unboxing video here!

My usual sports bras are constricting, unflattering numbers that are silly considering my small size (34B).  Why would a small chest need so much constricting?  Nevertheless, my approach to sports bras thus far has been "Whatever's cheapest, buy it."
I've been on this exercise kick lately, working out almost every day.  This is brand new to me, so I've been running out of clean gym wear quite quickly.  I was happy that this sports bra arrived when it did, because now I have a cute new bra to wear tomorrow!  I will say the color was bright & attractive right out of the box.  The photo below doesn't have any filters on it, but the lighting doesn't do it justice--the color skews more of a bright coral, almost neon shade of pink.
The bra has a racerback connection but a bra clasp, which makes the underwire cups fit better.  It was a little awkward to put on at first because the cups are softer and not as sculpted as a true underwire bra, so they flopped underneath the fabric for a bit and I had to wiggle them down to get them into place.  However, once the bra was on, it was much more flattering than my usual squish down options.

This color above is closer to reality!  One issue I have with sports bras is the lack of coverage.  Sometimes when I'm working out, I get self conscious about it looking a little too cold and being very obvious to others.  However, this sports bra has enough padding to prevent this, while still maintaining a realistic shape (see underwire and cups in first photo).  The material is also very smooth and comfortable, with the added benefits listed below on the tag:

Full Disclosure review: I do love the bra, but the price seems steep for me.  Like many other VS pieces, it seems like something I'd grab at the semi-annual sale but is generally out of my price range for daily wear.  Would I like to chuck all the rest of my sports bras and only wear these?  Of course.  They are high-quality, comfortable, and flattering.  They make me feel like a grown woman instead of a 12 year old boy.  They are well designed and worth the money, if they are in your budget.  I may try to swing by a VS and pick one up tomorrow with a gift card, but I can't see myself buying them at full price most of the time.

Note: This bra was a sample provided to me by Influenster and Victoria's Secret/VS Sport.  All opinions listed herein are my own, and they are honest.

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