Monday, November 4, 2013

On Barkbox (September)

This month's Barkbox seemed to be all about the long-term treats..which is FANTASTIC because we haven't been able to find anything that is good for Arwen AND lasts long enough!!

All I can say is don't make the same mistake I did and give your dog the Barkworthies tendon first.  Arwen was just nonstop chasing me around and sniffing for the treat after I took it from her.

Our Pet's IQ Treat Ball
This was the second treat I tried to give to Arwen.  She's not too interested in puzzle treats, but this one did occupy her for quite a while.  I filled it with her favorite Zuke's mini roasted chicken naturals and slid the opening into a smaller hole.  Halfway through her play session I decided to widen it because honestly, she's not one of those clever dogs who figures toys out quickly.  The write up recommends you put your dog's meal in here...maybe we'll try it this weekend to slow her down a little bit.

Superior Farms Venison Ears
We haven't had a chance to try these yet (seriously the box came in 20 minutes ago).  The write up says they are minimally processed, cleaned, rinsed, and dried (no added chemicals).  This sounds perfect!!  I do recommend supervision while dogs are chewing on things like this (e.g., rawhide).

Barkworthies Angus tendon
Arwen is fanatical about this treat now.  I pulled it away from her once I realized how long-term this treat is!  Sometimes we're entertaining guests and just want her to sit off on her own (i.e., we are eating food and she is going crazy).  This is one of those treats that would entertain her.

Wagatha's Organic Dog Biscuits
We got the Tuscan pizza flavor, and Arwen is a fan.  They smell pretty good, so the only drawback is that you shouldn't give them to your dog when you're hungry.

Vetra Care Pet Liquid Bandage
Thankfully, I haven't had the need/opportunity to use this yet, but I am happy to have a veterinary item in here to fall back on.  I know Arwen sometimes chews her foot or gets rubbed a little raw by her collar in the winter, so I'll definitely use this at those times.  

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