Monday, February 4, 2013

On Dry Shampoo

I finally got around to making something off of Pinterest! I am making a concerted effort to save money because 1) I am poor and 2) I will be made considerably more poor after 2014, when I am in or attending a number of California weddings. I think my last count was 5. 

Anyway, I found this site on Pinterest and made my own simple dry shampoo. It's a simple combo of cornstarch and cocoa powder, which makes me smell delicious and also feels better than inhaling all that aerosol business in the commercially sold dry shampoos. I bought a fluffy brush on eBay and brush it onto my roots all over my hair and it does its job quite effectively.

I also found another one to make my own mineral veil, which involves cornstarch, baby powder, and a hint of tinted powder. This also came out wonderful and if I apply too much of both of these mixtures I smell like a baby who got into the chocolate. I don't really mind this.

You can find the recipe here:

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