Monday, February 25, 2013

On Hand Care

Last week it was so cold and I had run out of my lifesaving hand cream that my knuckle cracked and bled.  This is a common occurrence in cold weather, mind you.  However, because I stubbornly refused to walk the two blocks to the nearest Kiehl's, my knuckle stayed cracked a whole week.  It was disgusting, guys.  I jokingly pulled the skin apart and together like a mouth and made "meep meep meep" noises at my fiance, who did not find it amusing.  Anyway, it's healed up now and I bought the large size of my favorite hand cream (see below, or click here to buy).  It's pricey as far as hand creams go, but it is absolutely WORTH IT.  No more cracked knuckles for me!

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