Saturday, January 12, 2013

Knee Deep in Wedding Planning

The Internet is a wonderful thing, guys. First off, I wouldn't be sharing these inconsequential details of my life with you all over the world.  Secondly, I wouldn't be planning my two-point-five-years-away wedding so efficiently.

 I should start by saying that I'm not the type of girl who had a wedding binder growing up.  Sure, I know my general preferences (a shade of purple for the bridesmaids), but no extreme details (like what the centerpiece should look like and where to buy those little gems or the floating candles).  Then the magical website called Pinterest came along, and lo and behold, EVERYTHING beautiful and wonderful is just one click away from inspiring you.  But wait--I wasn't engaged yet.  I also didn't want to be creepy, online friends.  I was biding my time, clicking "Like" for all the pretty wedding pins, until I was engaged.  THEN I made my crazy wedding board and pinned oh, 200 images or so in a short span of time.  Anyway, that's the extent of the wedding planning I did to this point.

Then I found The Knot app on the iPad.  Um, this is like Pinterest, but all weddings, and all the time.   I skimmed over venues and looked at the fun details (see: dress, bridesmaid gifts), but mostly just messed around.  More recently (as time tends to pass when you're not paying attention), I've started looking at venues more seriously as the impending year 2015 is looming.  I even made a Google Drive spreadsheet laying out the venues I like and important details (like how much open bar costs) about each one.

Then my fiance sent me this:

 Gee, I feel pretty dumb.  Of course Google already had something convenient for me to use for EVERY ASPECT OF MY WEDDING.  Well, I'll leave the less fun spreadsheets (see: Budget, Guest List) for later and focus on the fun ones (see: Music List).

For you, fellow planners.  In case you haven't done all that work yet. Oh, and remind me to tell you about my dress later, if you are curious.  Because that's one thing I did 2.5 years ahead of the event--bought a dress.

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