Monday, January 28, 2013

On Two Lives

Today I realized the 6 month mark of moving to Chicago came and went without any celebration and fanfare.  We made it here on August 22nd, and it is now nearly February.  Looking back, I have to say I haven't been as homesick as I previously thought.  Having never lived anywhere but the warm sunny confines of southern California, I thought this drastic change in lifestyle would definitely leave me missing home.  I will say that while I do miss my flip flops, I haven't felt that heart-squeezing homesickness as often as I thought I would.

Part of it has to do with something I realized over this past weekend when we were back for my friend's wedding: my fiance and I are living two very full and complete lives.  We quickly built a new social circle, routines, and a home here in Chicago.  This somehow did not discount the life we left behind--on pause--in San Diego.  That's the thing about San Diego.  We go back and it's like we never left; all of our friends are there from high school (usually back for the same holiday or event we are there for), so it feels just like home again.  We have a full group of friends at home, and a full life here as well.  Instead of whining about how I never see this person or that enough, I really should be utterly thankful.

So here it is: I am grateful that my biggest complaint (aside from the cold) is that I don't get enough time with either my friends here in Chicago or my friends back home in California.  I'm grateful that I have two full lives to live in different parts of the country, and when I'm back in either place, it feels right.  I'm grateful to have the relationships I do and the comfortable, happy life I am leading.  I do know that this time in Chicago is not permanent, so I'm happy to savor it now.

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