Thursday, January 17, 2013


A view from the park by our place--looking across the lake
Being new to the blogging scene, I've just recently started clicking around to find interesting reads.  A few of the blogs I've started following (check out "Interesting Reads" on the right side) are written accounts of people's explorations through other cities worldwide!  I love being able to identify with that nervous excitement of being in a new city and getting to know it intimiately.  Some of the ones that really have me wishing I could travel more include Oh Happy Day's posts from her time living in Paris, and Lost in Cheeseland, an entire blog of one woman's life in the City of Light.  These blogs definitely give me a taste of picking up and moving to Europe at a fraction of the cost!
These blogs also remind me to not get too caught up in the day to day.  During our first couple months here, I remained unemployed for a while just settling into the new city, getting our apartment together, and job hunting.  During these weeks, I walked around the city and really took advantage of living downtown.  Then I got a full-time job again, and between running around all day in the classroom and outside with the children, I just got too tired to do small things, even run errands (this is the epitome of lazy, as the grocery store is across the street from my apartment building).
 These bloggers, on the other hand, truly take advantage of living in Paris, exploring the city, and making little shops their own.  I love the idea of being able to say that a particular bakery is "my" bakery, when certain stores have personal meaning.  These blogs inspire me to continue my adventures in this new city, find new places to call my own, and above all, use the breadmaker I got for Christmas--because fresh bread looks so beautiful in all their photos and I heart carbs.  
Back on the topic of wanderlust--for those of you wishing you could see more of this big city in the Midwest,  here are some photos from my wandering.  
Michigan Ave. during the holidays
A colonnade in Grant Park

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